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Since 2016, Dark City Designs has been helping authors of all genres find their perfect book cover at an affordable price. Whether it's one of our pre-made designs or your vision brought to life, we pride ourselves on our quality design work, while making it possible for independent authors to afford a cover that allows them to stand out. You made the inside memorable. Let us do the same for the outside. Dark City Designs - Pre-made. Custom. Yours.


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Zoe Blake -  USAT Bestselling Author in Dark Romance

"Choosing a cover artist is one of the most crucial decisions of any indie author. The artist must create a cover that is unique yet still fit the mold of your genre. It is also important to work with someone who not only understands the theme of the book but how it relates to your overall brand. Dark City Designs does all this in spades. They are intuitive, creative and very professional. Each cover they have designed for me, the book has reached the Amazon Top 250. I highly recommend them."


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